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Michele Gower
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I specialise in supporting my clients in several key areas. These are areas that I not only have a passion for, and have obtained professional development in, but also have a lived experience with. Combining the three elements passion, professional development & experience provides me with the ability to not only understand you from a professionals point of view, but also from one of personal understanding...I have been where you have been, I have felt your pain, your hurt, your confusion, your trauma, and have come out the other side thriving. I can help you overcome your obstacles and barriers, as I have already achieved this myself. Some of the areas that I'd love to help you with include...

"We become what we love, and who we love shapes what we become"
St Clare of Assisi 

About Michele Gower

I have a passion for supporting youth and families. My areas of expertise include Autism and similar diagnosis, raising teens and the general mental health and well being of individuals and family members. I am based on the Central Coast of NSW, but offer online consultations (via Zoom). Please reach out if you think I can be of service to yourself or your family...

rss feedemail usour facebook page
Let's Thrive
54 Hills Street
North Gosford NSW 2258
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